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§ 1 The Society is called The Swedish School Society in Brighton (Svenska skolföreningen i Brighton)



§ 2 The purpose of the Society is to offer complementary Swedish education for children between the ages of 6 and 16 whose mother tongue is Swedish and who live in and around Brighton. A pre-school should also be provided if needed. The teaching methods should follow the rules defined by the Swedish Education Administration.



§ 3 The Society’s highest deciding instance is the yearly meeting in October.


The Board

§ 5 The Board consists of three members. There should also be two alternate members. Members and alternate members are elected during the yearly meeting. The term is one year. The Board elects chairman, secretary and bursar..



§ 6 The Society’s year runs from 1st October to 30th September.


Authority to sign for them firm

§ 7 The Board decides in which way authority to sign for the firm is granted.


Yearly meeting

§ 8 The yearly meeting take place during October. An invitation is sent out at least one week in advance of the meeting.



§ 9 Members of the Society and members of the Board have the right to vote during the yearly meeting (one vote per family).

The accountant should be present and have freedom of expression and come up with furter suggestions if relevant.

The vote should be open. The chairman gets the deciding vote if the number of votes are equal, except for elections when the decision is made by drawing lots.


Agenda for the yearly meeting

§ 10 Election of chairman, members, alternative members and accountant should occur during the yearly meeting. The Board should inform participants about the previous years events.


Changing the by-laws - dissolution

§ 11 Decisions about changing these by-laws can only be taken during the yearly meeting. Should the Society dissolve all available capital should be donated to the Swedish church in London.