Welcome to the Swedish school in Brighton

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The Swedish School is an important resource for both parents and children.


Shortly after the school start in autumn we arrange a barbecue outside in the grounds. We arrange games and an open-air-quiz.


Near the end of the autumn term we make Christmas decorations and we end the term by celebrating Lucia and all the children take part in the procession. After the procession we serve cake and there’s a fishpond for the children to fish out a treat from. And last, but not least, we dance around the Christmas tree.


We begin the spring term by throwing out the Christmas tree. This is more exciting than it sounds as it involves dancing and treats.


At the end of February, on Shrove Tuesday, we make waffels.


On the Saturday before the Easter holiday we make Easter decorations and both parents and children can get involved. The children in the oldest class serve a traditional bun called ”semla”.


The school year always ends with the midsummer celebrations with summer songs peformed by the children, dance around the midsummer pole and a picnic in Loxdale’s amazing garden.


As we are a parent’s organization we rely completely on active involvement from parents to organise all these activities. It’s fun and it’s a great way to make friendsl